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Welcome to! My name is Jennifer Burns, and I specialize in stress relief. I'm here to help you free yourself from the burden of unhelpful thoughts and feelings caused by life's many challenges, while discovering, harnessing, and utilizing the magic of your mind!

I work with both individuals and groups, helping them to improve their overall performance by facilitating sessions that reduce stress and pressure. My goal is to treat and prevent stress related illness by helping others create a natural state of relaxed focus, balance, and wellness from within.

As a certified master hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, talk therapist and educator, I'm passionate about helping people become the best possible version of themselves. My sessions are perfect for people seeking instant stress relief, especially those suffering from anxiety, depression, burnout, confidence issues, and trauma.

I offer a range of wellness solutions for both individuals and groups, including The Weekly Wellness Experience, my weekly group stress relief sessions on Zoom, The RAWC Session (relaxation and wealth creation) and my private sessions that are custom tailored to meet your specific needs. I do not accept insurance however all of my sessions are both FSA/HSA eligible with a referral from your doctor for hypnotherapy.

Please scroll down to see which option is best for you. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you!

The Weekly Wellness Experience:

If you would like to register and learn more about The Weekly Wellness Experience, my weekly group stress relief sessions on Zoom, please follow this link to the events page- Relaxation and Stress Relief Service (

The RAWC Session: If you are an entrepreneur, salesperson, earn commission-based income or if you just want to reach your fullest financial potential, start the week right with a relaxation and wealth creation session to set your mind for success here! Follow this link and register to join us on Zoom every Sunday night at 8pm eastern time - The RAWC Session (

Employee Wellness Programs for Businesses:

If you are a business owner seeking burnout prevention and treatment for your team, please follow this link - Employee Wellness Programs (

Shop My Store & Find The Perfect Products For You:

  • Guided Relaxation - This section includes prerecorded guided meditations, affirmations, and hypnotherapy sessions. Follow this link to browse - Magic Minds Wellness
  • Music & Sounds - Here you will find a variety of binaural beats, mantra chants, relaxation music and sounds of nature. Follow this link to browse - Magic Minds Wellness
  • Pet Relaxation - This section has everything you need to sooth your pets with sound. Follow this link to browse - Magic Minds Wellness
  • Education - eBooks and classes to help balance the mind and sooth the mood can be found in this section. Follow this link to browse - Magic Minds Wellness
  • Wall Art - This section offers printable wall art with positive affirmations, inspirational words/images, and motivational quotes to spruce up the workspace or home with positivity. Follow this link to browse - Magic Minds Wellness

Luxury Oil Blends: Shop for Royal Reserve 24K Liquid Gold, an organic luxury oil blend infused with 24k gold available in two soothing scents designed to soothe your mood while nourishing your hair, face and body here - Luxury Oil Blends (


If you would like to read what clients I've worked with in the past are saying, please follow this link - Testimonials (

Contact Me Directly:

If you have questions, I have answers! To send me an email, or schedule a private session, please follow this link - Contact (