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Hello and welcome to! My name is Jennifer Burns, and I am here to help you discover, harness, and utilize the magic of your mind! I help businesses and individuals improve their overall performance by achieving a natural state of relaxed focus, balance, and wellness from within. I am a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Talk Therapist and Educator. I feel passionately about helping people become the best possible version of themselves and specialize in treating anxiety, depression, burnout, confidence issues, and trauma. I offer a variety of wellness solutions for both businesses and individuals. Please scroll down to explore what option is best for you.

Employee Wellness Programs for Businesses:

If you are a business owner seeking burnout prevention and treatment for your team, follow this link - Employee Wellness Programs (

The Weekly Wellness Experience (Online Group Event) for Individuals:

If you are an individual in search of an affordable group session for deep relaxation and improved mental performance, follow this link - The Weekly Wellness Experience (

Shop My Store & Find The Perfect Products For You:

  • Guided Relaxation - This section includes prerecorded guided meditations, affirmations, and hypnotherapy sessions. Follow this link to browse - Magic Minds Wellness
  • Music & Sounds - Here you will find a variety of binaural beats, mantra chants, relaxation music and sounds of nature. Follow this link to browse - Magic Minds Wellness
  • Education - eBooks and classes to help balance the mind and sooth the mood can be found in this section. Follow this link to browse - Magic Minds Wellness
  • Wall Art - This section offers printable wall art with positive affirmations, inspirational words/images, and motivational quotes to spruce up the workspace or home with positivity. Follow this link to browse - Magic Minds Wellness


If you would like to read what clients I've worked with in the past are saying, follow this link - Testimonials (

Contact Me Directly:

If you have questions, I have answers! To send me an email, follow this link - Contact (