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Introducing's Corporate Giving Program for Businesses, Organizations, Clubs, Sororities, Fraternities & Charities!

We would like to extend an invitation to your organization to be part of our latest philanthropy initiative – a corporate giving program designed to provide effective and affordable stress relief to those in need while raising money for a good cause. By participating, you will not only be providing a vital service that truly works, but you will also be raising funds for your organization and for the charity of your choice!

The Weekly Wellness Experience is an immersive guided relaxation session for stress relief and overall wellness that takes place via Zoom. Attendees can enjoy instant stress relief from the comfort of home for only $20 when they show up with a sleep mask, headphones, and an open mind. This virtual service is FSA/HSA eligible and is accessible to people from all over the world!

To participate in our program, simply contact us, schedule a session based on your preferred date, and promote the event. In return, 25% of the proceeds from that event will go directly to your organization while another 25% goes to the charity of your choice.

If your organization is a charity or nonprofit, and you would like to participate in this program, you will receive 50% of the proceeds from the event you choose to promote in the form of a donation.

For more information about The Weekly Wellness Experience, please follow this link: Group Meditation, Hypnotherapy & Education (

To see our chosen causes, please follow this link: Our Causes (

To get in touch and participate, please follow this link: Contact Me Directly (

Thank you for your time and consideration.