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What people are saying:

"I was quite a skeptic until I met Jen! I am claustrophobic and needed an MRI. Jen worked with me for a couple of weeks before my appointment and I miraculously made it through. The most wonderful thing is that she genuinely cared and worked with me every day right before, even leaving me a voicemail of encouragement before I left the house.

She is very knowledgeable, caring and insightful and I would recommend her without hesitation!"

-Gale Zadoff

"Jen has helped me through a rough patch recently. There is a lot of stress running two businesses and sometimes it can be Overwhelming! Jen’s sessions have helped ground and de stress me. I highly recommend her to everyone!"

-William Mckenna

"Jennifer has the ability to enter your mind and diffuse any and all stress that is occurring in your reality. I had the pleasure of experiencing a one-hour session that left me crying tears of joy, knowing that I had let go of whatever was holding me back. Her voice is soothing, and her words are spoken with true intent. She is mindful in her practice and is a true healer."

-Tori Thomas

"Jennifer has been the most effective therapy I have ever experienced! She has helped me turn my whole life around! Jennifer has removed blocks and anxiety; help release stress and negative thoughts patterns. She is professional and comfortable to work with. With in a few weeks of consistent therapy, I was able to confidently apply myself to move forward in my dreams and goals and succeed! I have overcome a serious amount of insecurities, self-doubt and past trauma working with Jennifer. I really can't express how powerful her sessions have been and continue to be! I truly recommend her to anyone ready to move on from there fears and start living a fulfilling life of possibilities!"

-Courtney Ari

"Jennifer is truly a special being, a blessing on Earth. As an RN working in a newly converted ICU during the height of the COVID pandemic, it seemed to me at the time, that there would be no return of a sense of stability, peace, normalcy or calm. Our personal lives, let alone a shift on the hospital unit seemed so surreal and chaotic, that all that I’d built in confidence and fearlessness seemed to be slipping away through my fingers with each moment of mounting casualties, despite all of the tremendously difficult work and heart poured into each day.

While ad hoc talks with coworkers and a good sense of camaraderie amongst colleagues helped in motivating each other through treacherous times, Jennifer’s hypnosis sessions with me guided me into individually / independently tapping into the strength of my inner God to re-gain unwavering confidence. The sessions helped me to more quickly and independently channel and embody equanimity and inner calm in the most spontaneously stressful of situations.

Her individually tailored assessment / interview process was inquisitive, thoughtful, and detail oriented. She took time and sincere care in addressing my objectives and helped frame and outline the goals of our session. She was able to guide me into tapping back into my subconscious, peel back layers of COVID-induced and other uncertainties and re-foster and re-invigorate a clear, healthy, and sound sense of equanimity, positive outlook, clarity and motivation in my career and other dynamic interactions. I am grateful to have experienced sessions with Ms. Burns, and plan to continue working with her as a powerful part of my life team going forward."

-Erica Malave

"I am a huge believer in the power of words and meditation for healing and reaching my best possible me. Jennifer has helped me during times of stress when nothing else helped. I love her voice which makes hearing the message even more impactful. If you found her, its destiny, enjoy. 5 stars all the way."

-Diane Cricchio

"Jennifer L Burns is an outstanding hypnotist. I had the tendency of suffering panic attacks behind the steering wheel while driving.

Those attacks became progressively worse, to the point that it crippled me. I couldn’t drive anywhere.

I went for help to psychologist. After many sessions, I realized she wasn’t helping me.

Then I went to a renowned hypnotist. Three sessions later, I was still afraid of getting behind the steering wheel and when I did, on came the panic attacks again.

When I thought I was a lost case, I found out about

Ms. Jennifer Burns. She had just gotten her certification in hypnotherapy. It only took only one session with her over the phone for me to overcome my fear. She was miraculous. I’ve regained my independence and enjoy driving again.

Thank you so much, Jen, for performing magic on my mind and for the follow up phone calls. You are truly blessed with a special gift. Perhaps I’ll take Ms. Jennifer Burns for a nice drive someday."

-Ivette Matias

"Being a psychic here in New York I run across many clients who deal with anxiety and other issues. I was introduced to Jen through one of those clients. I have had the pleasure of being hypnotized by her many times and cannot recommend her enough! She is amazing at what she does. I have been down this road before with other “hypnotherapists” not really getting any results. I finally have found someone who is the real deal. She has helped me with clarity, will power and anxiety issues. Please help yourself and contact this amazing, professional, educated woman! Love her and am promoting her completely whenever I can!!!"

-Janice DiMaggio

"I've been blessed to have Jennifer as my hypnotherapist for about six months now, and she has helped me battle health issues, old habits, and ruminating thoughts. Jennifer is extremely professional, extremely supportive, and her overall personality and tone just make you feel right at home as if she was an old friend that you could trust with anything. Her techniques have helped me immensely, even my insomnia has improved since I've been working with her on these important issues. I would recommend Jennifer to my family and all of my friends because what she has done for me is something that no one else could do in all the other therapy modalities I have tried. Jennifer is a natural at hypnotherapy and it really shows in the improvements you will see in just a few sessions. I'm looking forward to working with her for all of my future needs."

-Briana Alessi

"I am delighted to write this testimonial for Jennifer, as she has been outstanding in helping me with my health and wellness. I have been seeing Jennifer for the past six months, and I can confidently say that she has helped me improve my life in ways I never thought possible. Jennifer has a unique talent for listening, understanding, and empathizing with her clients. Her ability to create a safe and comfortable space for individuals to express themselves is remarkable. I have always felt heard and validated during my sessions with her, which has been crucial for my healing journey.

Moreover, Jennifer's expertise in hypnotherapy has been transformative for me. Her calming voice and guided imagery techniques have helped me overcome some deep-seated fears and anxieties holding me back. Her approach is not only gentle and reassuring but also highly effective. Since I started working with her, I have noticed a significant improvement in my mood, confidence, and overall well-being.

Finally, Jennifer's commitment to her clients is unparalleled. She always goes above and beyond to ensure I am comfortable and satisfied with our sessions. Her professionalism, warmth, and kindness have made my experience of healing from deep-rooted fears both gentle and exceptional. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking a compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled healer and hypnotist. She has been a true blessing, and I am grateful for her guidance and support."

-Randy Hyden

"Jennifers understanding of the mind has helped me greatly. I have done Hypnosis with her and used her morning alarm clock for the past few months. Both have helped me be more calm, confident, and effective. I was skeptical of Hypnosis before I met Jennifer, but her professional manner, clear instructions and calm demeanor reassured me and I realized my beliefs were unfounded. Thank you, Jennifer, I am sure I will be back."

- Matt Love

"For as long as I can remember I have had a terrifying fear of heights, to the point that I couldn't get more than 4 steps up a ladder. Going up above a 3rd floor of a building freaked me out and getting on a plane was massively anxiety inducing.

Working with Jennifer has changed my life. From start to finish, she was kind and compassionate. She listened and made me feel really safe talking about the connected trauma to my fear. She was so sensitive, and I relayed very traumatic experiences. We found that the memory of the trauma that created my fear had become the store house for lots of other traumas around a lack of control, or having control taken away from me.

The experience of going under hypnosis was beautiful. The next day I got up a ladder like it was nothing, I just got up the ladder, and up to the second floor of my house. I was 12 foot up, and so calm. The thought of being on a plane feels awesome, and watching heights on videos that would normally activate my stress, anxiety and fear levels now create no feeling other than I want to do that. For the first time in my life, I'm excited about flying, I'm thinking about where I want to go!

Jennifer was amazing I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Her warmth and compassion just oozes out of her, as does the feeling of safety, which is very important for me when choosing a professional practitioner, because I don't trust easily!"

-Paul Simon Bryant

"Jennifer Burns's guided meditation on wealth was an amazing experience for me. Her voice is soothing and inspires safety and trust. After the session, I felt an incredible surge of creative power and produced a complete curriculum and plan for a course that I intend to make part of future offers. Jennifer has changed the way I see hypnotherapy and the power of using one's subconscious as a tool for change and manifestation. I appreciate and recommend Jennifer's work to anyone who desires a fully engaged and creative life."

-Ana Luisa Doria Meunier