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The RAWC Session - Relaxation and Wealth Creation

Welcome entrepreneurs, salespeople, commission earners and those seeking lower stress and higher income! The RAWC Session is here to help you eliminate stress and up your numbers!

Don't let the wrong thoughts get in the way of you reaching your fullest financial potential. Enjoy deep relaxation and regularly train your brain here for success!

The RAWC Session happens every Sunday night at 8 pm (eastern time) via Zoom and it is the perfect way to close out the weekend and supply your mind with powerful thoughts for a prosperous week ahead!

Everything in our reality is the result of a story we tell ourselves. I look forward to telling you a new story of relaxation and prosperity every week designed to help you focus on attracting the abundance you deserve!

Get Prepared

Please make sure you have a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lie down during the session where you will not be disturbed and please use headphones with good sound quality so the soothing binaural beats I play for you can do their job. Also, please use a sleep mask to block out any distracting light.

The goal is to separate yourself from the outside world during the session in order to create an environment where my words can encourage positive change at a deep subconscious level.

Don't be surprised if you experience a noticeable shift the very first time you come and know that this is a skill that can be further developed over time. Just think of your mind like a muscle and The RAWC Session like a gym for your mind.

Please be on time. We begin at 8 and you can log on 5 minutes early if you like. These sessions will not work if you miss the beginning.

Register Here

Register early in the week before Thursday for just $20 or after Thursday for $25.

If you are experiencing stress related issues such as insomnia, anxiety or high blood pressure, the registration fee is FSA/HSA eligible with a referral from your doctor for hypnotherapy.

To register, please follow this link and click on the Sunday of your choice. Select a Date & Time - Calendly A time slot of 8 PM will open. Click on that and complete the registration. You will receive an email complete with the Zoom link for the session afterwards.

Please be sober at the time of the session and for three hours after and please remember to be on time. Refunds will not be issued to attendees who arrive late or miss the session.