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Powerful 45 Minute Self-Hypnosis for Deep Relaxation & Stress Relief mp3

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This session is the ideal escape from a day that isn't going the way you would like it to. Leave your cares behind and move towards a calm, relaxing place in the center of your mind with this download. This session includes alpha binaural background music at 11 hz and imagery of a beautiful private island, trees, sunshine, fresh air and more! Free yourself from anything that does not serve you in a cleansing bonfire on the beach and train your mind to focus on and feel the most positive feelings you are capable of. Gain a sense of overall balance in the forest and make a wish at the end to manifest more of whatever you choose in your future. Come back feeling calm, refreshed and at ease. May all your wishes come true!
You will get a MP3 (61MB) file

Customer Reviews

Randy H.

1 year ago

Wow- something has happened

Just finished being guided by Jennifer’s voice and something has happened. Feel very relaxed as well as very confident at the same time. It not easy to describe, but it feels like my state of being has shifted a bit.

All is well right now. Thank you Jennifer!