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"The World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified burnout as a medical diagnosis, including the condition in the International Classification of Diseases: “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

Burnout is diagnosed by four symptoms:

  1. Feelings of energy depletion, exhaustion and fatigue
  2. Increased mental distance from your job
  3. Feelings of negativism or cynicism related to your job
  4. Reduced professional efficacy"


Discover a simple solution to this ongoing problem through my services to treat and prevent workplace burnout!


I am a fully certified and experienced stress relief specialist and an expert at rewiring the subconscious mind using guided meditation, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques during private and group sessions.

Specializing in combating workplace burnout, I offer dynamic virtual sessions via Zoom custom tailored to meet the unique needs of your staff. From relaxation techniques to stress management, my programs are designed to rejuvenate individuals across all business types.

My sessions are convenient, affordable, easy to follow and highly effective. Treat your staff to the ultimate break with me!


In addition to being deeply relaxing, my confidence-building and motivational sessions for sales teams don’t just alleviate stress—they’re crafted to help your team feel their best, boosting morale and, consequently, increasing sales performance.

Partner with me to foster a healthier, more vibrant workplace where everyone thrives! Set up a free discovery call today and learn what option will work best for you.

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