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Transformative Morning Alarm to Become Your Most Powerful Self

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The Way We Wake Up Matters!
Our first thoughts of the day are powerful! Did you know that upon waking we are all in a theta brain wave state? Theta brain waves are the slowest brain waves we can have while still conscious and awake. This is a very useful and naturally occurring state of trance we all experience every day.

Because we are highly suggestable in this state, our first thoughts of the day matter and can heavily influence the way we think, feel and behave. This is the best time to make positive changes! Simply set this alarm for 15 minutes prior to the time you wish to get up and lie still with your eyes closed while you follow the simple instructions in this easy brain training exercise.

There is another alarm at the end just in case you drift off back to sleep and if you do, your subconscious mind will still be aware of what you are hearing. Wake up to this alarm as often as possible for best results and enjoy creating an improved version of yourself easily and effortlessly from the comfort of your own bed without even moving a muscle!
You will get a MP3 (13MB) file

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